Groundbreaking QR Code Functionality for Print Advertising
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CLEVELAND, June 6, 2023 ~ TenantMagic LLC, an internet application innovator based in Cleveland, has launched, a pioneering platform featuring their patent-pending lead generating QR code technology for print advertising. This technology offers dual functionality not found anywhere else, allowing businesses to connect with potential customers in real time.

When a prospect scans the QR code using their smartphone, it not only directs them to a relevant landing page like traditional QR codes, but it also triggers a non-spam text message to a designated salesperson. This message includes details about the advertisement that was scanned and provides the prospect's phone number. This enables the salesperson to promptly engage with the interested prospect via text or by phone, capitalizing on their immediate interest.

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Wayne Rothman, the developer behind BrowsingMagic said: "We are thrilled to introduce this groundbreaking technology that facilitates a more personal connection between businesses and potential customers." He added: "While traditional QR codes are effective in driving website traffic, they fall short in generating actionable leads in real time. Research indicates that a warm sales lead is 100x more effective if responded to within 5 minutes. BrowsingMagic bridges this gap by enabling immediate engagement between an interested prospect and a motivated salesperson within that critical 5-minute window."

BrowsingMagic's QR codes are designed to be user-friendly. Businesses can easily create an account on the BrowsingMagic website where they can specify landing page URLs and designate recipients of the text messages. To promote adoption of their innovative solution, BrowsingMagic is offering a complimentary 30-day trial of its StarterPack to all new registrations before June 15th 2023.

In conclusion, TenantMagic LLC hopes that their new QR code technology will significantly enhance lead conversion and revolutionize initial interactions between businesses and potential customers.
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