Alert: Reward Offered for Griffin's Exclusive Dangerous Magic Trick + Ring Theft during Home Invasi
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An Unprecedented Theft Shocks the Magic World: Griffin's Masterpiece Missing

COLUMBUS, Ohio - OhioPen -- ◽ Startling Discovery: Upon arriving home, Michael Griffin and his fiancée faced the unsettling aftermath of a burglary, with precious items missing amid untouched valuables.

◽ Innovative Magic Trick Stolen: Griffin's invention, a distinctive version of Russian Roulette, where the audience's choice determines the gun aimed at Griffin's head with 1 of 4 gold plated pistols in a stunt that several esteemed magicians have declared as the most terrifying spectacle ever seen in the realm of magic has vanished.

◽ One-of-a-Kind Engagement Ring Lost: A unique and irreplaceable symbol of love, specially crafted for Griffin's fiancée, also stolen in the break-in.

◽ Substantial Reward Announced: A generous cash reward is being offered for any information leading to the retrieval of these irreplaceable items.

COLUMBUS, OHIO Feb. 19, 2024 - The magic community and the public are rallying in support of Michael Griffin, the greatest living escape artist, following a harrowing home burglary. Griffin and his fiancée, upon returning to their apartment, were greeted not by the comfort of home but by the chaos of a break-in. "I immediately knew something wasn't right," Griffin recalls. "After ensuring it was safe, we discovered that, shockingly, none of our electronics were taken. Instead, the thieves had taken my unique Russian Roulette magic trick and my fiancée's one-of-a-kind engagement ring."

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A Theft Beyond Belief: Griffin's Creativity Vanishes

Exercise In Chance, a daring and innovative take on Russian Roulette where the audience plays a pivotal role in the potentially lethal outcome, is known for its originality and the sheer audacity of its performance. The engagement ring, meticulously designed and irreplaceable, symbolizes a personal bond and commitment that transcends material value.

A Personal Loss: The Engagement Ring

Amid the professional devastation, the theft of Griffin's engagement ring introduces a profound personal tragedy. This ring, symbolizing love and commitment, adds a deeply personal dimension to the urgent plea for the items' return.

Reward Offered and A Nationwide Call to Action

In response to this deeply personal violation, a significant reward is being offered for information that leads to the recovery of these invaluable items. The Columbus Ohio Police Department is spearheading the investigation, supported by a clear surveillance video that offers a lead in identifying the perpetrators.

Video of the Perpetrator

If you have seen this man please get in touch with authorities immediately there is a reward being offered by Michael Griffin. Photos and video are below:

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How You Can Help:
  • Review and Share: Visit for updates, surveillance footage, and ways to assist.
  • Report Any Information: Contact the Columbus Ohio Police Department ( with any leads, no matter how small they may seem.
  • Amplify the Message: Increase awareness by sharing this press release and Michael's story through social media and community networks.

A Plea for Community Support

This incident is a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities artists face, not just in safeguarding their creations but also their personal lives. Michael Griffin, through his resilience and dedication to his art, has long inspired audiences worldwide. Today, he calls upon that same community for support in a time of need.

"This theft is a profound loss, striking at the heart of what I hold dear," Griffin states. "The magic trick represents years of innovation and the thrill of performance, while the ring embodies a promise of lifelong commitment and love. We are hopeful that with the community's assistance, we can recover these symbols of art and love."

Note: The collective efforts of law enforcement, Michael Griffin, his fiancée, and the wider community are critical in navigating this challenging time. Any information that can lead to the recovery of the stolen magic trick and engagement ring will not only return invaluable items but also restore a sense of security and hope to those directly affected.

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Source: Outrajus Productions, Inc

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