AleAnna, A Next Generation European Natural Gas Company, Signs Agreement to be Publicly Listed Through Combination with Swiftmerge Acquisition Corp
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  • AleAnna -- Pioneering Europe's Sustainable Energy Supply:  AleAnna is at the forefront of Italy's evolving energy landscape, positioned to be one of the country's leading producers of both conventional natural gas and renewable natural gas (RNG). AleAnna's focus on advancing the clean energy transition will facilitate the development of Europe's domestic natural gas supply while contributing to a sustainable future.
  • Experienced Management Team:  AleAnna is guided by a team of seasoned industry professionals, drawing from their extensive experience at Shell and Eni. The management team's extensive expertise and demonstrated track record within the energy sector will help drive AleAnna's future growth and success.
  • Conventional Natural Gas:  AleAnna expects to commence production of the five-well first phase of the Longanesi field, located in the Italian Po Valley, in the first quarter of 2025. In addition, AleAnna has exciting prospects in Gradizza and Trava, with plans for initial production in 2026. AleAnna also holds 13 additional exploration prospects expected to be developed over the next decade, approximately 1.4 million net acres of resource potential, and a total of 22 concessions, permits, and pending applications.
  • RNG -- Leading the Energy Transition:  AleAnna's RNG business leverages a unique and geographically advantageous infrastructure overlap. AleAnna has identified nearly 90 renewable natural gas development project opportunities. By the end of 2024, AleAnna expects to have five RNG facilities under its control.
AleAnna Energy, LLC  (together with its subsidiaries, "AleAnna" or the "Company"), a private company positioned to be a premier Italian conventional and renewable natural gas producer, and Swiftmerge Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ:IVCP) ("Swiftmerge"), a special purpose acquisition company, today announced that they have entered into a definitive merger agreement (the "Merger Agreement" and such transactions contemplated thereby, the "Business Combination"). The Business Combination is expected to close in the third or fourth quarter of 2024, and upon closing, the combined company will be renamed AleAnna, Inc.

AleAnna:  Established in 2007, AleAnna operates strategically within Italy, a nation that heavily relies on imports for most of its natural gas needs. AleAnna's strategic vision is to become a prominent domestic producer of both conventional natural gas and renewable natural gas to provide a reliable natural gas supply for Italy and the broader European region. Guided by a team of experienced industry professionals with backgrounds at Shell and Eni, AleAnna has focused its conventional development strategy on select high quality onshore conventional gas resources. This includes the significant Longanesi Field, located in the Po Valley, which is Italy's most extensive natural gas discovery in the past 20 years. Production from five drilled and tested initial wells is scheduled to commence in the first quarter of 2025. AleAnna has targeted the location of its RNG projects within close geographic proximity to its conventional developments, which will provide important infrastructure synergies, including with respect to the transportation of both conventional and renewable natural gas. Notably, most of Italy's anaerobic digesters used in producing renewable natural gas are concentrated in the Po Valley, further enhancing AleAnna's position in this dynamic sector.

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Exploration and Expansion: AleAnna is backed by sophisticated technology, including modern 3D seismic and advanced subsurface techniques. AleAnna's highly credentialed ex-Shell technical and executive team has executed AleAnna's exploration/development for over 15 years, including almost 500 square kilometres of seismic imaging. Situated in Italy's Po Valley, where a highly developed 33,000-kilometer pipeline infrastructure network exists, AleAnna expects additional development phases within the Longanesi field, has made two additional discoveries beyond Longanesi, and holds a portfolio of 13 exploration prospects that are expected to be developed over the next decade. AleAnna's historical exploration success rate is greater than 85%.

RNG Leadership: AleAnna's strategy is to play a significant role in decarbonization by providing an RNG alternative to traditional fossil fuels. AleAnna's RNG is a versatile drop-in fuel source for energy-intensive processes and supports the EU's 2030 10% RNG mandate. In addition, by focusing on farm waste-to-energy projects, AleAnna expects to reduce European methane emissions from the agricultural industry. Because of the significant opportunities for farm waste-to-energy projects in the Italian Po Valley, AleAnna's RNG business complements its core conventional operations in the same location. By the end of 2024, AleAnna expects to control five RNG facilities and AleAnna intends to predominately target existing infrastructure for future development projects. AleAnna's RNG business is supported by incentives including Italy's RNG incentive programs offering a €124/MWh (approximately $36.50/Mcf) price floor – providing an attractive landscape to deploy capital.

Competitive Advantages: Through over 15 years of investment and development, AleAnna's conventional business retains a substantial number of permits and a multi-year permitting lead versus competitors. Moreover, AleAnna enjoys a unique position as one of the few licensed conventional operators in Italy, providing a competitive edge that is challenging to replicate. AleAnna draws extensively from its team's energy heritage and knowledge. For its conventional business, AleAnna's approach to project development is standardized, streamlining processes to reduce cycle times and costs. For its RNG business, AleAnna prioritizes less capital-intensive brownfield development opportunities that use lower-cost, highly predictable, and longer-lived agricultural gas feedstock, supporting sustainability and economic viability. AleAnna's blend of deep energy experience, advanced technology, rigorous execution, and disciplined capital allocation forms the foundation for AleAnna's potential growth and success.

Corporate Citizenship and Mission: A commitment to corporate citizenship is at the core of AleAnna's business model. AleAnna is dedicated to responsibly advancing the clean energy transition by supplying conventional natural gas and developing a sustainable and secure carbon-negative renewable natural gas alternative. Successful execution of AleAnna's traditional and RNG business development plans has the potential to meet the annual gas needs of many Italians.

Marco Brun, a 30-year energy industry veteran and Chief Executive Officer of AleAnna, stated: "This is an exciting time for AleAnna and its team. With initial production from the Longanesi development imminent, AleAnna is positioned to expand its conventional and renewable natural gas production. We are thrilled about our team's impressive track records and capabilities, the near-term production potential from our conventional discoveries and prospects, and our rapidly growing RNG business. In the Swiftmerge team, we have found a partner with an impressive track record. The proposed Business Combination and listing will enable us to accelerate our growth, strategy, and, most importantly, our mission of responsibly advancing the clean energy transition."

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William Dirks, a 40-year energy industry veteran and Executive Director of AleAnna, said: "We are excited to combine AleAnna with Swiftmerge. As one of few fully licensed operators in Italy, over the past 15 years, AleAnna has leveraged its regulatory and technical capabilities to refine and execute its development plans with a focus on advancing critical conventional and renewable energy resources to the benefit of many stakeholders. The AleAnna team has successfully utilized seismic and imaging technologies and know-how to generate new secure domestic energy supplies in Italy and, more specifically, Northern Italy, the locomotive helping drive Europe's third largest economy. This combination with Swiftmerge will allow AleAnna to leverage the capital markets on its path to becoming a leading provider of both conventional and renewable natural gas to the Italian and European markets. While this has consistently been AleAnna's mission, it has gained even greater significance following the onset of the Russia-Ukraine war and the ensuing energy crisis in Europe."

Sam Bremner, Chief Executive Officer of Swiftmerge Acquisition Corp., commented, "AleAnna stands out in the energy sector as a disciplined, long-term player with a clear focus on becoming a next-generation natural gas company, providing secure domestic and second-generation renewable natural gas to Italy and Europe. AleAnna distinguishes itself through its rich heritage in Italy, an attractive financial profile, a strong track record of performance, and the expected Longanesi production in early 2025. Thanks to an exceptional leadership team featuring William Dirks and Marco Brun and through substantial historical investment of almost $175 million, AleAnna is exceptionally well-positioned to seize the opportunities in this exciting and dynamic period for European energy producers."

Transaction Overview

Current AleAnna equity holders will roll 100% of their existing equity interests into the combined company. Leading up to the execution of the Merger Agreement, AleAnna's current investors have recently invested over $60 million cash, bringing the cumulative investment in AleAnna to date to almost $175 million. The recent investment is expected to provide sufficient funding to complete the Longanesi field tie-in, the initial RNG asset acquisitions, cover transaction expenses, and provide general corporate liquidity.

The proposed Business Combination, which has been approved by both Swiftmerge and AleAnna's Boards of Directors, is expected to close during the third or fourth quarter of 2024, subject to shareholder approval and other customary closing conditions.


Greenberg Traurig, LLP is serving as legal counsel to Swiftmerge.

Haynes and Boone, LLP is serving as legal counsel to AleAnna.

About AleAnna Energy, LLC

AleAnna is an international energy company focused on developing Italian natural gas and renewable natural gas resources to provide critical and secure natural gas supplies to Italy and Europe. Established in 2007, AleAnna has utilized modern 3D seismic and advanced subsurface technologies and capital allocation discipline to systematically develop attractive onshore natural gas resources in the Italian Po Valley. AleAnna is one of few licensed oil and gas operators in Italy, and AleAnna's broader exploration inventory includes approximately 1.4 million net acres of resource potential with an aggregate of 22 concessions, permits, and pending applications. AleAnna's key conventional asset, the Longanesi field, is expected to be produced in the first quarter of 2025.

AleAnna's renewable natural gas business is enabled by a unique and geographically advantaged overlap of existing agriculturally supported anaerobic digestors, conventional development, and pipelines. AleAnna has a growing backlog of renewable natural gas development projects and expects to have five RNG facilities under its control by the end of 2025.

AleAnna has regional headquarters in Dallas, TX, and Rome, Italy.

About Swiftmerge Acquisition Corp.

Swiftmerge Acquisition Corp. is a blank check company formed to enter a merger with one or more businesses.

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Sam Bremner – CEO

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