Akron: Precautionary Boil Water Advisory Lifted for Boston Township and Cuyahoga Falls
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~ The City of Akron Water Supply Bureau has lifted the precautionary boil water advisory for customers in Boston Township and Cuyahoga Falls located on Oak Hill Road, Major Road, Everett Road, and Bolanz Road including 4683 Riverview Road, 4563 Riverview Road and 4451 Akron Peninsula Road.

The advisory was previously impacting approximately 20 addresses. The cause of the advisory was due to depressurization related to a water main break on Weathervane Lane followed by an additional water main break on Akron Peninsula Road. Both water mains have been repaired and pressures have been completely restored to the affected areas.

Water testing has been completed over the past 24 hours confirming that the drinking water is safe and EPA regulations have been met. As a result, customers are no longer required to boil their drinking water or take any special precautions. Water is safe to consume and can be used normally.

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However, customers may experience periodic discoloration or cloudiness of water for the next day or two. Discoloration is faint yellow or brown in color, while cloudiness can have the appearance of weak milk. Discoloration results from drinking water scouring the inside of water mains due to the main break. If this should happen, customers are advised to open every cold water faucet and bath/shower fixture in their home at the same time and flush for five minutes until clear. Cloudiness is the result of dissolved air and will eventually clear itself out without any special action needed from customers.

Questions regarding this matter should be directed to Akron Water Distribution Dispatch at (330) 375-2420 for further information.

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