The Outsiders are at it again with an Absolute Masterpiece
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Get ready for their new single dubbed "Little Drummer Boy" just in time for your holiday playlist.

CLEVELAND - OhioPen -- Well, when history is rewritten and retold, The Outsiders will hold a special place as one of the instigators of timeless, classic music that has come to define so many musical generations. A chart-topping band of their time, the now-revived group that has undergone some lineup changes still lives up to the authenticity and refreshing innovation that defined the original band, and that has got to stand for something, right? Fronted by drummer Ricky Biagiola (Baker), The Outsiders has been posting original sounds that are catchy, danceable, and appealing beyond the traditional rock boundaries. They are a breath of fresh air in a business that has more often than not been filled with musical sludge. Simply put, this band does not carry any of the baggage of many of today's young singers or bands and is truly about the music first.

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And that's exactly what defines their latest jam, "Little Drummer Boy"- a catchy, infectious, and memorable track that undeniably gives off 'Christmas' vibes.

In the vein of Joan Baez's own "Little Drummer Boys" influences, The Outsiders have managed to conjure up a stunning tune that leaves a lasting impression on a listener thanks to the high-caliber showmanship exuded.

The electric riffs immediately inject that rock thrill into the arrangement before anything else. The lead vocalist shines through with a powerful, old-school soulful range that is ideal for this track's choice. This is the kind of voice that is ear-worming and really evokes strong emotions.

You've got to appreciate how The Outsiders give this tune an absolutely new feel and thrill, making it their own while still managing to honor the original composition.

The instrumentation has been well chosen and is intricately woven together to create the perfect backdrop that attractively complements the stunning lead vocals.

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The drums spread delightfully throughout, and the bass adds depth and rhythm. The electric guitar adds that crystal-clear rock polish to round out this masterpiece.

To savor this authentic tune, follow the link below, crank the volume all the way up, and sing along loudly to the catchy phrase "rapapampam."

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