Streamlining Endurance Testing with Standalone Control Systems
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CLEVELAND - OhioPen -- Delphin ProfiMessage Monitors & Sends Alerts During Testing

The goal of product endurance testing is to subject manufactured products to real-world stress and ultimately to achieve service life certification. In these long-term applications, engineers require both data acquisition and control capabilities. The Delphin ProfiMessage devices are ideal for multi-channel test applications, providing stand-alone operation managed by an on-board processor, and up to 16 GB of memory for data storage. These systems feature data acquisition and control functions, network connectivity, support for standard communications protocols such as Modbus, CAN, and Profibus, and the capability to expand to over 100 analog and digital I/O channels.

Data Security And Monitoring

Delphin devices can continuously stream data to a PC and also record to internal memory, providing users with redundant data recording. This is especially useful for ensuring that there are no data gaps in lengthy testing applications in the event of a communications interruption or computer restart/failure. Test failures can be immediately reported via email or via digital outputs for a local alarm. An integrated scheduler within the Delphin DataService software enables periodic data archiving to a backup device. Users can use Delphin's ProfiSignal Software to configure measurements, monitor live data, create automated test sequences, and evaluate historical data.

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Product Test Application Features:
  • Measurement, automation, and analysis functions in a single device
  • Multiple test stands can be operated independently of one another
  • Standalone operation independent of a PC
  • Data security through redundant storage and automated backup
  • Email/text message notification upon product test failures

Customer Example:

Their application relies on Delphin ProfiMessage devices that function completely independently and also send email message alerts in the event of a sudden malfunction. More than 70 climate chambers are operated in parallel, and endurance testing of 2000 to 3000 hours is required. In addition to data acquisition and monitoring, the Delphin Message devices also manage multi-point temperature profiles for the test chambers. All data is transmitted online and automatically saved to a server. Despite the huge volume of data, ProfiSignal is able to display data for the complete test period so that unexpected events or outliers are immediately identifiable.

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Other Typical Endurance Test Applications
  • Environmental simulation for vehicle cooling systems
  • Endurance testing of oven door opening and closing
  • Service life testing for electric window mechanisms
  • Service life testing for fan motors
  • Electric burner and hot plate testing
  • Long-term stability measurements for solar modules

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