Rapper Turned Businessman, LyricalGenes, Launches His Boyz II Business Entertainment Company
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CLEVELAND - OhioPen -- Dana Burtin (LyricalGenes) is known for his positive and motivational messages in his rap lyrics, but the side people do not see, is his business savvy will and drive to succeed in the music and entertainment industry.

As of October 12, 2019 Dana Burtin has launched his record label, Boyz II Business Entertainment, LLC. Becoming the CEO and Owner of his own business, creating his publishing company, Boyz II Business, and registering as an ASCAP songwriter, LyricalGenes's qualifications separates him from the rest of his competitors. Getting his business approved by the government and ensuring all the "T's" were crossed, Dana Burtin's drive seems endless in his pursuit of business successful stability.

Dana states, "Boyz II Business Entertainment helps those who never had the chance to prove themselves, not just in music, but in life, to have an opportunity to demonstrate their talents and live out their purpose in life. My ultimate goal is to GIVE BACK to the people in any way necessary." Dana's clear intentions not only demonstrates how his label will run, but this reflects his positive character as well. For instance, in his song "Déjà Vu!" Dana Burtin states, "I'm not here for the popularity, I'm not here for the money. I just want to help one kid out of one hundred million, to me, that is better than money." This shows Dana Burtin's authenticity for caring for his people and those who work for him.

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Boyz II Business Entertainment is a label that surpasses, not only signing artists/musicians, but gamers, actors, and is a sports agency for athletes.

With LyricalGenes's company name being inspired by the late 80's R&B group, 'Boyz II Men', and early 90's hit movie, "Boyz n the Hood" Dana Buritn wanted to ensure that the 'Boyz' moniker was revived in his own unique style.

"Made a promise when I'm 18, I'll be successful on the A-Team. And you got to get it on the high beam because hard work is a sightsee." ("Automatic" by LyricalGenes) Dana Burtin certaintly has not broken his promise and will continue to be successful in the industry.


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