Protect your pets from common, and potentially costly, holiday hazards
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COLUMBUS, Ohio, Dec. 6, 2023 ~ The holidays are a time of joy and celebration, but pet owners should be aware of the potential risks that come with the season. According to Nationwide® pet insurance, their database of over 1.2 million insured pets has revealed that ingestion of foreign objects, chocolate and caffeine toxicity, alcohol toxicity, poisoning from plant-based items, and burns and electric shock are some of the most common claims during this time.

Dr. Jules Benson, Vice President of Pet Health and Chief Veterinary Officer at Nationwide, said: "The majority of holiday-related health hazards are preventable, which is great news, but it does mean taking some extra steps to ensure that everyone in the family can safely enjoy traditions." He added that certain breeds and younger pets are more likely to suffer from foreign body ingestion or other holiday-related health hazards.

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To help pet owners keep their furry friends safe during the holidays, Nationwide recommends pet-proofing their homes by asking themselves what is at their pet's eye level or what could be knocked over by a leaping cat or an enthusiastically wagging tail. They should also block off areas that might prove too tempting for pets and crate them when they leave the house. Additionally, Nationwide's digital platform Pet HealthZone® can help pet owners determine their pet's unique risk levels and learn about symptoms to watch for as well as potential costs associated with treatment of conditions like toxicity and foreign body ingestion.

Nationwide also offers pet insurance coverage for dogs, cats and many avian and exotic pets which may cover eligible veterinary expenses based on the member's chosen coverage. The average claim for foreign body ingestion is $2,400 while chocolate toxicity costs an average of $618 per claim; alcohol toxicity costs an average of $869; plant poisoning costs an average of $610; and burns cost an average of $180 per claim.

By being mindful of these holiday hazards and taking preventive measures such as pet-proofing their homes accordingly, pet owners can ensure that everyone in the family can safely enjoy this festive season without any unplanned veterinary visits!
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