Introducing The All New Mytee Products' Flatbed Rolling Tarp System
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Black 22 Oz Vinyl Rolling Tarp System For 53x102x9
Mytee Products currently offers two Roll Tarp styles, which are the Conestoga Tarp System with a manual lock and the other with an air pressure locking system. The best part is that customers can customize these tarps in any color, end fitting or logo they want. The Ohio-based company knows what truckers want in a good Conestoga Tarp System.

AURORA, Ohio - OhioPen -- As a lead supplier in the trucking industry supplies, Mytee Products was thrilled to announce their new Flatbed Rolling Tarp Systems. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, the company decided it was time to expand their inventory. They recently created an automated tarp system that would make it easy for professional truckers to transport their heavy or bulky cargo. It'll even save them tons of time and energy securing their materials.

Check Out Their Flatbed Roll Tarp Inventory

There's a number of reasons why truckers will love Mytee Products new Rolling Tarps. For instance, they offer a high level of safety for your construction, machinery and vehicles. They're even easy to install and maintain. Loading procedures can be done within minutes. Not to mention, the innovative waterproof design protects them from harsh weather conditions and road debris. Made out of aluminum with steel, it's no wonder they're so durable. The company sells their two styles in the same dimensions of 53 ft long, 8ft x 6ft wide and another 8ft x 2ft high. You can't go wrong with these Conestoga Tarp Systems.

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Despite there being many similarities between the two, there are some key differences to consider. One of Mytee Products Conestoga Tarp Systems manually locks your tarp in place. It comes with a front tensioning system and rear locks with a tarp tensioning adjustment. You won't have to use any extra tools and you have the freedom to adjust your tarp anyway you like.

On the other hand, the second style relies heavily on a conestoga tarp system's air pressure closure to lock it in place over and on top of your heavy cargo. This flatbed rolling tarp system has similar features as the previous one but comes with a guaranteed low-maintenance promise. These Conestoga Tarp Systems are made of a durable design that's built to last.

Reap The Benefits

Their innovative tarps come packed with several benefits. The 750 gsm high gloss, acrylic coated fabric and waterproof design protects them from harmful environmental elements. It even keeps the tarps looking shiny and brand new for several years.

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Always finding ways to evolve, Mytee Products never fails at producing the trucking supplies & Shipping Container Accessories for long-haulers who need to do their job right. Be sure to stop into their Aurora, OH location today and purchase these one-of-a-kind Rolling Tarps.

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