GO2 Partners Granted Patent on High-Temp RFID Label for Metals Manufacturing
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CINCINNATI - OhioPen -- CINCINNATI, OH — GO2 Partners, a leading supplier of products and services for metals and heavy industrial manufacturers, was recently awarded a new patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, reflecting the innovation that the experts at GO2 Partners bring to asset and materials tracking throughout the demanding metals production cycle.

The patent covers a new flag tag with a passive RFID inlay and adhesive. The specialized, high-temp materials and design of the label allow for application on metal coils and plates up to 700˚ F (371˚ C). These materials act as an insulator, protecting the RFID inlay. Once the label is applied and as the metal cools, the coils and plates can be tracked using a standard RFID receiver.

The label can incorporate a variety of adhesives, depending on the manufacturer's production needs. It provides more accurate production visibility, helping to prevent problems like mixed metals and missing orders. Please see here for more information: https://www.go2partners.com/high-temperature-rfid-label

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"We are excited to bring this product to the metals space. Enabling a label to be imaged on a standard thermal transfer RFID printer platform, applied to high-temp products, and yet provide RFID functionality is a game changer," explained Dan Schroer, Partner and Chief Operating Officer at GO2 Partners. "Our goal is to always find a better solution for our customers, and these labels do that. The demanding temperatures and difficult working conditions for metal production can make product identification and metal traceability a risk for error. These labels address those risks."

David Oeters

Source: GO2 Partners

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