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THE PUSH UP BRA FOR YOUR EYELIDS: LIDS BY DESIGN BY CONTOURS RX® Instantly reshape heavy hooded or drooping eyelids with Contours Rx®'s Lids by Design. These non-surgical eyelid tapes lift eyelids for a more youthful appearance in seconds. They instantly shape and redefine your eyes, taking years off your appearance.

SYDNEY - OhioPen -- Lift your eyes and boost your confidence in minutes!
"OK - I don't want to appear over-excited, but these things are AMAZING!." - Nic P
"This really works if your eye lids are loose." - Jo K
"Wow!!!! I am so pleased with these they truly work, lifts that little bit of extra skin on your eyelids. Best thing I have ever brought." - Anna

It's easy to see why the 5* rated product has caught the attention of Hollywood's biggest cosmetic Doctors, including Dr Paul Nassif. As we age, our eyelids tend to droop and sag, obstructing our field of vision and potentially impairing our ability to see clearly. In such cases, Contours Rx® offers an innovative solution with LIDS BY DESIGN that helps both women and men overcome these visual challenges. By effectively lifting the eyelids instantly without surgery, this revolutionary product enhances visual clarity, a more youthful appearance and more confidence when approaching daily life. It is a non-surgical, non-invasive solution designed to address the visual limitations caused by drooping eyelids. Unlike traditional eyelid surgery, which involves a costly and potentially risky procedure, this innovative product offers a safe, temporary and more affordable alternative. LIDS BY DESIGN consists of a transparent medical-grade adhesive strip that are applied to the upper eyelid, discreetly lifting and supporting the excess skin. It is available in different sizes to accommodate varying eyelid shapes and sizes, ensuring a bespoke experience for every user. As the eyelids are lifted and the natural crease is restored, it becomes easier to apply eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara, allowing women to accentuate their eyes and create more intricate makeup looks. Like so many women, Britain Todd began to notice that as time went on, her skin wasn't quite as taut as it once was. Britain decided to do something about it. But after a surgical consultation, she was told that she had two options: get surgery or live with her loss of facial elasticity. Dissatisfied with her choices, Britain teamed up with a medical technology company to develop a third option: a cutting-edge, non-surgical beauty enhancement technology product line that women and men of all ages could benefit from to reclaim their confidence instantly. The revolutionary eyelid correcting strip, and Contours RX®was born. Available at

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