Fingers McGirk returns with "Isolation" Single
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A relatable topic for nearly every person through this unique year.

CLEVELAND - OhioPen -- Hip-Hop artist Fingers McGirk has returned with a brand new track titled "Isolation"

When asked about the song and its meaning here's what he had to say
"Isolation, as you guessed it if you heard it is about this whole covid-19 pandemic. "I just wanna go outside and maybe feel some vibes, but a virus's taken lives so I just stay inside, I got asthma in my lung's they say my risk is high" funny thing is I actually have asthma so I'm considered a "high risk" person. Still, I don't let something like the virus stop me from living my daily life. I still follow the 6ft/mask rules or whatever but seriously this stuff can take a toll on mental health and that is kinda the under layer of the song. We are told to be scared, isolate yourself, social distance and that can be hard on someone especially if you live alone or already have anxiety. With all these lockdowns it can drive someone to go crazy and that kinda leads to my Ft. Gizmos lyrics "let me out my motherfucking cage, let me in the streets let me rage" its how a lot of us feel during these times isolating and social distancing from the people we love, it's maddening. Overall the virus should be taken seriously but sometimes it's taken too seriously or not serious enough and that is what "isolation" is all about, give it a listen and judge for yourself. Stay safe, stay sane, stay healthy, and still try to live life to its fullest, and don't forget to check out Isolation now on all platforms!. Love y'all."

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