Customers Receive Faster Delivery of Energy-Efficient Structured Ceramic Packing from Knight Material Technologies
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CANTON, Ohio ~ Knight Material Technologies (KMT) in Canton, Ohio has recently expanded its production capacity by installing an automated robotic line. This is one of the many initiatives taken by the company to meet increasing customer demand for KMT's structured packing media used in corrosive and high-temperature applications found in industrial plants and towers.

The first production from the new line includes FLEXERAMIC® structured packing media used in heat transfer, particularly in regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs). The five-unit line will also be used to manufacture other variations of FLEXERAMIC used in mass transfer chemical processing applications. FLEXERAMIC's unique design consists of geometrically arranged corrugated sheets that offer an improvement over random saddle media, including lower pressure drop and significant savings in production energy costs.

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Kevin Brooks, president of KMT, stated "Nowhere else is structured ceramic packing made in a fully automated, robotic line. The addition of robotic automation is a ground-breaking innovation for our company and the industry. The automated line excels in uniformity by replicating the exact same movements every time, producing a higher quality product with less burrs or flashing. The superior quality and doubled production volume will bring a superior product to our customers with faster delivery times."

This is the second significant capital investment made by KMT this year; In February, they installed a new roller hearth kiln which excels at uniform production standards and throughput. Together, these two technologies will bring higher volumes along with greater consistency and reliability in replicating the same quality in every batch.
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