Corrupt Nypd Official Captured On Camera
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Officer Gines badge # 19125 is caught explaining to trespassers how to manipulate the system and squat on a property.

NEW YORK & VICTORIA ISLAND, Nigeria - OhioPen -- Unfortunately it's all too common for minorities, especially women of colour, not to be given much support when reporting a crime.  Thus being denied critical resources to carry out investigations resulting in solved cases.  This story holds true for Nigerian-Cameroonian producer & non-profit founder Martina Iwala, her attacker remains at large after she was physically assaulted by an identity thief wanted by the FBI back in 2021, resulting in a broken tooth.

"Due to the nature of my father's service, I grew up having only the highest level of respect for the men, women and persons sometimes acting as police officers.  Most, putting their lives on the line each day for people who genuinely don't care about their safety.  As a Yoruba woman in New York however, my first-hand experience of the dereliction of duty or gross negligence, aggravated sexual harassment, aggravated abuse of authority, wilful obstruction of justice, aggravated extortion and lack of protocol at the hands of some of the aforementioned has left me beyond traumatised."  In a 12-page open letter sent February 4, 2021 and remains to be answered by New York City's 110th mayor Eric Leroy Adams and the 40 members of law enforcement cc'd on said correspondence.

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"From a woman who sometimes acts as a Detective Weber in Crown Heights Brooklyn New York stating that a man guilty of sexual assault "looks like a nice guy" only to begin interrogating me about my citizenship status to a man who sometimes acts as an officer for the NYPD badge number 19125 teaching criminals how to squat on a property and wilfully violating an active order of protection while making fun of my accent and calling me several gender and racial slurs to the overall aggravated extortion through securitising submitted police reports, its safe to say that if you're of African descent, or have a unique name in general, City of New York "officials" will laugh at and make fun of your pain or abuse.

Racism and other forms of discrimination are embedded in laws, policies and practices worldwide, from racial profiling and discriminatory police stops to broader application of anti-terror laws, law enforcement and judicial systems as a whole work in direct opposition of people of colour especially if you are perceived to originate from outside of the United States of America or their EU-Caucasoidal counterparts."

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"If the NYPD wants to know if police departments are taking complaints about misconduct seriously, its only real recourse is to rely on leaks to the media.  However, what's terrifying when attempting to uploaded media to YouTube, Vimeo and Reddit, YouTube does something where they hide the video from the public but on the providers end it seems that the video is still active when it isn't, Vimeo wiped my video from their servers and after 3 days, Reddit deleted my account due to posting inappropriate content.

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Source: Martina Inumidun Iwala LLC
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