The Southern Outlaws Band turn it up with the worldwide release of "Louisiana Water"
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With an ambition of sharing their art with the world, this Outlaw Country/Southern Rock band comes forward with an electric piece.

AKRON, Ohio - OhioPen -- While focusing extensively on developing their craft over the years, The Southern Outlaws Band have always been passionate about touring the world and sharing their music. This diverse group of talented artists and motivated members brings the perfect blend of Southern Rock and Outlaw Country music. You know they are doing something right when they win the World Songwriting Association Award for the 2021 Outlaw Song of the Year for their single "Good for the Soul".

All of the pieces brought forward by this band tell a story, and the same is true for "Louisiana Water." This release is the perfect end to one of the most successful years for The Southern Outlaws Band. However, these artists have much more to offer in the coming years.

The project "Louisiana Water" brings a genre-fusing vibe to the fans as the artists showcase their development over the years. It is truly incredible how these individuals add soul to this piece by pairing up invigorating lyrics with an enigmatic flow.

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Fans are captivated by this song and can't seem to get enough from The Southern Outlaws Band. The overwhelmingly amazing response from the audience prompted The Southern Outlaws Band to schedule tours and shows for 2023 to get closer to their fans.

While this band does aim to sell out massive arenas and performance halls, The Southern Outlaws Band primary focus is on developing a close connection with their fans. This unique approach has allowed The Southern Outlaws Band to secure a stable spot in the music industry.

This band will undoubtedly be dominating the top charts across multiple lists. Currently, The Southern Outlaws Band is working on more projects to bring to their fans. So, be sure to tune in to The Southern Outlaws Band to follow along with their journey to the top.

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