NCMG Bids Farewell to Im-King Kris and Embarks on New Artistic Frontiers
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TOLEDO, Ohio - OhioPen -- NCMG (North Coast Music Group), a dynamic force in the music industry, announces a significant shift in its creative journey with the amicable departure of Im-King Kris. NCMG acknowledges Kris's contributions and warmly wishes him continued success in his future endeavors.

Turning a New Melodic Chapter:
NCMG's Overture of Artistic Evolution

After a year of harmonious collaboration, Im-King Kris and NCMG have decided to part ways amicably. Kris's debut single, "Ima Beast Ima Dawg," faced challenges in gaining the expected traction, leading to a mutual decision to explore separate paths.

Jo Nathan DT, CEO of North Coast Music Group, shared, "We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Im-King Kris for the cadence he brought to NCMG. As artistic journeys unfold, we respect Kris and wish success in his future ventures."

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NCMG remains steadfast in its commitment to cultivating an environment of growth and innovation, continually exploring new harmonies in the ever-evolving music landscape.

Resonating Positivity:
Crescendos of Leadership and Melodic Releases
  1. Sonic Leadership Unveiled: Feechy Takes the Baton as President of NCMG Africa
    Jo Nathan proudly announces the appointment of Feechy as the President of NCMG Africa, a resonant move that solidifies the label's commitment to fostering talent and expanding its melodic presence on the African continent.
  2. Rhythmic Anticipation: Anni Loc's "Say Yeah" Set to Release on 2/9/24
    NCMG is delighted to unveil the upcoming release of Anni Loc's latest single, "Say Yeah," scheduled to grace ears on Friday, 2/9/24. Anni Loc, a dynamic artist within the NCMG family, brings a fresh and vibrant sound that is sure to captivate audiences worldwide.

Jo Nathan DT expressed exhilaration about these developments, stating, "While we bid a fond farewell to Im-King Kris, we eagerly anticipate the harmonious notes in Feechy's leadership and the rhythmic resonance of Anni Loc's upcoming release. NCMG remains dedicated to orchestrating the future of diverse talent globally and pushing the boundaries of musical innovation."

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About NCMG

NCMG is a dynamic force in the music industry, committed to nurturing talent and orchestrating the boundaries of musical innovation. Under the leadership of Jo Nathan DT, NCMG remains dedicated to discovering and developing exceptional artists.

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