Cold Atom Physics Experiments Controlled by ADwin
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CAS DataLoggers provided a data acquisition and control solution for a physics professor focusing on cold atom research at a major university. They were conducting experiments producing ultracold quantum gases containing bosons and fermions. The cold atom physics experiments took place inside an ultra-high vacuum chamber with quartz windows. Researchers collected the atoms in a magneto-optical trap (MOT) which consisted of 6 circularly-polarized laser beams, one pair for each axis, and a quadrupolar magnetic field produced by two external coils with the counter-propagating current.
To undertake this incredibly demanding application, the physics department needed a modular data acquisition and control system capable of highly-accurate measurements with precise, real-time control of analog outputs to control the magnets and lasers and sequencing the various parts of the experiment plus digital outputs to switch equipment on and off or change states.

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The research team installed an ADwin-Pro-II Real-Time Data Acquisition and Control System to provide them with precise timing and deterministic control of the experiment's processes. The ADwin system's analog outputs were used to control the current in the magnetic coils and wires on the chip and the frequencies and amplitudes of the lasers.


Every aspect of this experiment required the precise control provided by the Pro-ll system. Voltage-controlled acousto-optical modulators altered the frequency and amplitude of the laser light, while seven external coils as well as wires on the chip created the magnetic field. The way these magnetic fields switched on and off was important to maintain the temperature of the cloud. The team used voltage-controlled power supplies to control the current through these coils and wires. Other equipment including radio and microwave frequency sources, shutters, and cameras required well-timed triggers.

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The university's physics department benefitted in several important ways following the installation of the Pro-ll system. The ADwin-Pro-ll system performed real-time measurements with extremely high accuracy and also performed all the necessary control functions for the cold atom physics experiment with the precision required. The system's modular design offered researchers the flexibility to configure and expand the system as the research experiments grew. Additionally, ADwin's intuitive ADbasic programming software and ADtools for quick visualization and graphing allowed them to verify that the experiment ran with precise timing and control.

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